Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Eleventh Hour Preview 03/04/10

Here is the first in a series of info round ups which will have all new information about the eagerly anticipated new series.This time we take a look at the episode which will launch The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond onto our screens.

The Doctor - Matt Smith
Amy Pond - Karen Gillan
Rory Williams - Arthur Darvill
Young Amy - Caitlin Blackwood
Mrs Angelo - Annette Crosbie
Barney Collins - Marcello Magni
Coma Patient - Peter Moyes
TBA - Olivia Colman
TBA - Arthur Fox
TBA - David Tennant
TBA - Nina Wadia
TBA - Sir Patrick Moore
The Doctor has regenerated into a brand new man, but danger strikes before he can even recover. With the TARDIS wrecked, and the sonic screwdriver destroyed, the new Doctor has just 20 minutes to save the whole world - and only Amy Pond to help him. Written by Steven Moffat.

Info and Rumours:
1. According to Wikipedia  the monsters for this episode are The Atraxi who are a group of galactic policemen. Sounds rather like The Judoon but they were police for hire.
2.The Tenth Doctors Sonic Screwdriver will be destroyed when the new Doctor signals the Atraxi ship.
3.Amy is rumoured to be a orphan girl which would explain her wanting to go off with The Doctor through time and space!
4.The Tardis was last seen falling apart after The Tenth Doctor's regeneration so we will have a new Tardis interior to go with our new Doctor.
5.The episode is set in the fictional location of Leadworth.
6. Whilst filming Amy is seen dressed in a policewomans outfit.The Sun newspaper reported that Amy will be a kissogram, and that the police uniform is a costume as part of that job. Seems random but who knows?
7. A recently released clip from The Eleventh Hour shows the Doctor's first meeting with Amy in the 1990s, when she is a eight-year-old girl. The TARDIS crashes outside her house, and the Doctor says he will need to make a "five-minute jump into the future" in order to fix it. Amy asks if she can come, too, but he tells her to wait, saying that she can come along when he returns in five minutes. Presumably, he winds up in 2010 instead, meeting Amy as an adult.
8. The episode may have a runtime of 60 minuites rather than the usual 45. I know which one i'd rather!
9.The Doctor uses the phrase "wibbly wobbly timey wimey" at one point.

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