Friday, 26 March 2010

The Guide: Matron Cofelia #1

Name:Matron Cofelia
Also known as: Miss Foster
Race: Unknown
Home Era: 2000s
Appearances: DW: Partners in Crime
Actor: Sarah Lancashire
Cofelia traveled across the galaxy so find a planet with inhabitants that were overweight and as a result landed on the planet Earth.She disguised herself as a human  and took the name Miss Foster after foster mother meaning "a woman who is a foster parent and raises another's child" like she was doing for the Adiposian family. She set up Adipose Industries which produced a drug that claimed to attract Human fat cells and flush them but  in fact it attracted them and galvanised them into an Adipose body.  This was illegal as seeding a level 5 planet, such as Earth, was against Galactic Law and it was up to The Doctor and Donna to stop Cofelia from activating the Enducer thus speading up the Adipose birth process after she feared the Doctor would report her to the Shadow Proclamation.A Nursery Ship arrived and beamed the Adipose onboard but the First Family, who knew what they were doing was illegal, decided to rid themselves of their accomplice. After the Adipose were beamed up, the Doctor and Donna attempted to persuade Cofelia to get away when she was in the beam. But when she didn't believe them the beam switched off and she fell to her death.

1.In one timeline as seen in Turn Left, Adipose Industries operations moved to the United States. Whether Cofelia headed operations in this timeline remains unknown, though this is probable. In this timeline, the Adipose birth happened successfully at the cost of millions of Human lives
2.In early drafts of the script for Partners in Crime, Cofelia used the alias of "Miss Rattigan". The name Rattigan was later used as the surname for Luke Rattigan, who appeared in The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky. 
3.Cofelia possessed a sonic pen, which when capped, resembled a very sleek fountain pen. This was later captured and used by the Doctor, who then threw into a garbage bin.

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