Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Adventures of The Twelfth Doctor: Series 1 Part 1

Here it is your first two episode synopsises from the first series of The Adventures of the Twelfth Doctor! Each story will be split into two parts and theres a total of  4 adventures in the action packed series.The other two synopsises will be realsed shortly. The script series will begin soon so here is a taster of whats to come:

Episode 1: Early Retirement written by Mr Dalek
The Doctor has regenerated into a new man problem is he can't remember how or when it happened. He awakes in a elderly care home in Cardiff with no sign of the TARDIS or any idea's to how he arrived there, he must piece together what happened. But there's no time for that as he soon uncovers a deadly alien threat and must count on carer Nancy Ledley to help him put a stop to their crazy plot. What do they want with the old people? What do the aliens know that The Doctor dosent? And  strangest of all why are episodes of Countdown being played again and again?

Episode 2: Thin Air written by Mr Dalek
Two villages populate the planet Balone. High above the ground two giant platforms stand supported by two giant poles -seperate villages on each.Once a year the Villages become one when a bridge connects them and they meet. The Doctor and Nancy arrive on Platform 2 on Connection Day and go along with the villagers to meet the neighbours. But when they cross the village on Platform 1 is deserted. Everyone has completely vanished and suddenly The Doctor has a mystery to solve. If the village is deserted then who connected the bridge on Platform 1? The Doctor has to make a bragain with the enemy and whatever choice he makes Nancy will not survive.

Did You Know?

Ambrose Northover from The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood provided a meals on wheels service called Pen Y Van. There is a mountain in the Brecon Beacons in Wales by the same name which is most probibly what it was named after.

Cold Blood Preview 29/5/10

The Doctor - Matt Smith
Amy Pond - Karen Gillan
Rory Williams - Arthur Darvill
Dr. Nasreen Chaudhry - Meera Syal
Alaya/Restac - Neve McIntosh
Tony Mack - Robert Pugh
Elliot - Samuel
Mo - Alun Raglan
Ambrose - Nia Roberts
Eldane - Stephen Moore

It is the most important day in the history of Earth: the dawn of a new age of harmony... or the start of its final war.The Doctor must face his most difficult challenge yet and he tries desperately to ensure Alaya's prediction of a massacre does not come true. Meanwhile, what fate will befall the captured Amy and can Tony and his friends be trusted?

Info and Rumours:
1. There will be big developments in the story arc in this episode.(SFX)
2. Eurovision isnt affecting Doctor Who as it has done for the past few series!
3. The Silurians will survive the story if rumours o their return in the finale are to be belived.
4. Rory may die in this episode or he will go through a time crack. Probibly the time crack.
5.From  Tardis Wiki no source: "The Doctor will look into a crack and see the TARDIS door sign on fire. The previous two rumours seem likely to come true, as a review for the episode mentioned the mysterious 'big bang' and the crack, and the possible death of a regular cast character."
6. A prophecy will be fullfilled-Alaya's death probibly.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Adventures of The Twelfth Doctor

This is the Twelfth Doctor complete in his new costume! The Doctor is now 934 years old and he's dosent look a day over 70. When he regenerates he blacks out waking up in a elderly care home in Cardiff with alot of his memory missing. The new Doctor is smart, witty, slightly irritable but always thirsty for adventure. Just dont call him gramps!
Nancy Ledley works 9 to 5 at a Cardiff elderly care home rushing around for the old residents. But when she meets a enigmatic man who calls himself  The Doctor her mundane life of diets, TV and shopping changes to one of brilliant adventure and incredible creatures! Funny, caring and Welsh she's the perfect companion!

The  Adventure Begins.....soon

Monday, 24 May 2010

Amy's Choice BARB Ratings

 Final figures for Amy's Choice  reveal that it was watched by a good  7.55 million viewers.The episode was watched by 7.06 million on BBC One, and a  additional  0.49 million watched on BBC HD. The overnights for the episode were 6.2 million and you can see there is a moderate increase.I cant wait to see the BARB figures for The Hungry Earth!

The Hungry Earth Review **** (4 stars)

 Best bit: The nice Welsh community and of course The Silurains!
Worst bit: Meera Syal wasnt as good as I was expecting.
Best Character: The Doctor.I feel like Matt is The Doctor now.
Line of the episode: The Doctor: OI! DON'T DISS THE SONIC!

The Silurians are back! Saturday saw the return of the reptilian meanies in the first part of the two part adventure. I think this episode does a better job of setting up a proper story than The Time of Angels  did for the Weeping Angels two parter as we get a good look at the creatures and we know what they want but also not giving too much away like why have they captured the humans? Theres plenty of interseting tidbits too like why Amy and Rory have gone back in time to see themselves this must have some significance and wondering who will kill Alaya the Silurian.The Silurian desgin looks better than I first thought and you can see the detail gone into each prosthetic mask giving the actor/actress the chance to show facial features under all that rubber. Some have seen parallels with classic series episodes like Third Doctor Adventure Inferno which featured a drilling project and the another Third Doctor story which featured Silurains Doctor Who and the Silurians but I suppose its ok to draw inspiration from the past.As i mentioned above I have really warmed to the Eleventh  Doctor and his frantic speech is always a highlight "Oh look, a big mining thing. Oh, I love a big mining thing... see? Way better than Rio, Rio doesn't have a big mining thing." The guest cast were rather good especially the young boy Elliot played by Samuel Davies.I was expecting more from Meera Syal I mean shes alright but not exactly brilliant maybe she will have more to do in the next part. Overall a good first part but the next part will need to pick up the pace a bit for a thrilling adventure! Until next time Hwyl Fawr (When in Wales!)

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Cold Blood Overnight Ratings

Overnight figures show that last nights episode The Hungry Earth was watched by 4.5 million viewers. 4.24 million tuned in on BBC One and 0.30 million watched on BBC HD.These arnet great viewing figures for Doctor Who and the lowest of the revived series so far but these are only overnight figures. The lowest viewing figures for a revived episode is 6.2 million which The Satan Pit got in 2006. The weather is most definately to blame as people of Britain flocked outside to enjoy the rare nice weather like they did  that day in 2006 when The Satan Pit was on. Final figures will be available next Monday.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Cold Blood Next time

The Hungry Earth Tonight!

 Tonight sees the return of another familiar foe The Silurians! The lizard like creatures get their very own two part episode written by Chris Chibnall. In the first part tonight at  6:15pm  on  BBC1 expect to see drilling, heat vision, a welsh village, a hungry hole, strange grass and another revealing outfit from Miss Pond. Dont forget Confidential after on BBC3!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Did you know?

When Voyage of the Damned was being filmed, Wilfred  Mott played by Bernard Cribbins was not planned on having a second appearence, he was just going to be a news stand worker named Stan. However, after Howard Attfield's death who played Donna Nobles father Geoff, it was decided that Wilfred would come back as Donna's grandfather

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hello again......

The internet is rife with rumours about the series finale and the biggest of all is that The Doctor will come face to face with his deadliest foes. The Daleks, Cybermen, Sycorax, Silurians, Judoon, Pilot Fish (Robots), The Hoix, Uvodni, Blowfish and Weevils are set to reappear in The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang. Now this sounds very odd and should be taken with a pinch of salt! First of all I dont think Steven Moffat would bring back a load of old monsters he didnt create and why would he think it's a good idea to bring back The Hoix and Uvodni for pity's sake! I dont belive alot of it but The Cybermen will most definately be in these episodes as we've seen them on the trailers and I can see The Daleks returning all though this isnt confirmed. This all comes from a load of publicity photos for the episodesbut I dont know how anyone saw them. These are just rumours like that buisness with Joanna Page probibly so just enjoy the series and look forward to finding out the good old fanshioned way- Watching it!

Episode 13 title revealed

The Big Bang episode 13 written by Steven Moffat completes the Series 5 Episode titles! Why on Earth did they make us wait for that! I read on a site before The Eleventh Hour had been brodcast that this was a rumoured title. We have them all now anyway so whats this Bang?

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Hungry Earth Clips

The Hungry Earth Preview 22/5/10

The Doctor - Matt Smith
Amy Pond - Karen Gillan
Rory Williams - Arthur Darvill
Dr. Nasreen Chaudhry - Meera Syal
Alaya - Neve McIntosh
Tony Mack - Robert Pugh
Elliot - Samuel Davies
Mo - Alun Raglan
Ambrose - Nia Roberts
Malohkek - Richard Hope
Eldane - Stephen Moore
It’s 2015 and the most ambitious drilling project in history has reached deeper beneath the Earth’s crust than man has ever gone before – but now the ground itself is fighting back. The Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive in a tiny mining village and find themselves plunged into a battle against a deadly danger from a bygone age.

Info and rumours:
1.The Silurians return after a 26 year absence, having last appeared in the classic story Warriors of the Deep.
2. It is rumoured that the Silurians are stealing bodies to splice with Silurian DNA to make half-human/half-Silurians.
3. In a interview with SFX Meera Syal who plays Dr Chaudhry has said "her project is to drill as far as she can towards the centre of the Earth. And, in fact, the episode opens with her reaching the target, and she gets further than anybody else has ever done. And that’s what starts off the problems!”
4.The episode is set in the year 2015 in a Welsh village.
5. It was originally thought that the Sea Devils would also appear in this episode but it was just The Silurians mask that they were wearing in the Series 5 trailer.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Episode 12 title revealed

Its the title that has been rumoured for ages The Pandorica Opens by Steven Moffat is the twelfth episode of the series. I think we should have got all 13 titles before the start of the series as theres nothing spoilery in them and how long can it take to come up with a title! Whatever reasons Moffat has we only have one more left and we will probibly get that next week. Also the episode will be exclusively previewed on Wednesday 16th June.It will be held at the Princess Anne Theatre in London and the showing will be followed by a Q&A session with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and showrunner Steven Moffat. All tickets have now gone!

Gavin and Stacey Star to join Doctor Who?

This is from The Daily Star need I say anymore! Joanna Page who starred in the BBC hit comedy Gavin and Stacey will be appearing in Doctor Who as a "long-lost relative of the Time Lord in two episodes". So who's the realtive? The article goes on to say "Like Freema Agyeman, who initially landed a role as a scientist before becoming the Doctor’s assistant, bosses hope Joanna, 32, will have a “big future” in the show." Well it could be true but I'm rather sceptical. They're very quick to get the Gavin and Stacey stars as James Corden who also starred in it is in the Series 5 episode The Lodger! Anyway we will find out soon enough if this is just another load of tabloid nonsense.

Doctor Who Live

Is the kind of event that Whovians have been waiting for! See Cybermen, Ood, Daleks battle it out on stage as the BBC have announced Doctor Who Live, a new UK Doctor Who arena tour.
Developed in association with Doctor Who’s Executive Producer and show runner, Steven Moffat, Doctor Who Live promises the same excitement, adventure and suspense that viewers have come to expect from the TV programme and will feature specially filmed new video scenes.
Opening in wartime London and concluding in an epic onstage battle, audiences should expect the unexpected as the The Doctor’s arch-enemies the Daleks are joined by some of the best-loved and most terrifying monsters from the TV series including the Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Judoon and Oods to name but a few.

With an out-of-this-world set, Doctor Who Live will feature special FX, optical illusions and spectacular pyrotechnics building to an epic finale. Specially edited video clips, drawn from the TV Programme will be shown on a massive screen and accompanied by the music of longtime Doctor Who composer Murray Gold. These iconic scores will be brought to life by a 16 piece orchestra live on stage.

Monday, 17 May 2010

The Vampires of Venice BARB Ratings

Final figures for The Vampires Of Venice  reveal that it was watched by  7.7m  million viewers.The episode was watched by 7.3m  million on BBC One, and a  additional 0.4m million watched on BBC HD. The overnights for the episode were 6.2m million and you can see there is rather big increase.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

The BBC's Motoring show Top Gear finnaly reveal the identity of The Stig....

Amy's Choice review **** 1/2 (4 and a half stars)

 Best bit: The Dreamlord winding up The Doctor. Loved it!
Worst bit: All the kissing buisness.
Best Character: The Dreamlord was very good.
Line of the episode: The Doctor: You said everyone here lives to their nineties. There's something that doesn't make sense. Let's go and poke it with a stick. (And more but I liked this one)

A completely diffrent kind of episode bizzare and creepy something that Doctor Who hasnt tried in a while. I mean we had old aged pensioners with aliens in their mouths! The story was good and the fact that The Dreamlord was a dark side of The Doctor was a lovely twist and a nice conclusion for the viewer.I dont think its as good as last weeks episode because last week was like a classic episode of Doctor Who with nasty vampires and big action sequences. This weeks tale just didnt feel like Doctor Who for me. That said we had a brilliant performance from Toby Jones as The Dreamlord and I really wanted him to become like a new Master type character and I think its a shame he probibly wont be back . The Doctor was on top form too. A complaint of mine is the love story between Rory and Amy. Im sick of all the kissing and Im pretty tierd of Rory even though I warmed to him last week. I still dont know what he's doing in The TARDIS. And another thing why are the aliens taking human form all the time? Prisoner Zero and The Ecnodeen (the mouth thing in this episode) and the Vampires all hide inside humans and pop out of the mouth of their hosts. What is it with the mouths! At the moment im really excited about The Cybermen and Silurians because there blatant nasties not hiding away in disguise. This review seems pretty negative I know so ill list the things I loved about this episode to end on a positive note. I loved The Dreamlord, the frozen TARDIS, the ponchos, Miss Poggit falling off the roof and Rory getting incinerated  ok a bit mean but seriously why is he here answers on a postcard please.Until next time stay away from old people!

Did you Know?

Toby Jones who played The Dreamlord in the episode Amy's Choice voiced Dobby the House Elf in the Harry Potter Films.

Amy's Choice Overnight ratings

Overnight figures show that last nights episode Amy's Choice was watched by 6.2 million. 5.85 tuned in on BBC One and 0.34 million watched on BBC HD. Once again Britain's Got talent on ITV1 was the most watched show of the night. Doctor Who was up against You've Been Framed which got 4.2 million! A bunch of old clips or a rolliking space adventure I know which I'd prefer to watch.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Hungry Earth Next time

Amy's Choice Tonight!

Make a choice Daleks or Cybermen? Rose or Martha? Well its not as hard as the choice Amy will have to make in tonights episode as the Dreamlord pays the TARDIS team a visit. Tune into BBC1 at 6:25pm for nasty old people, ponytails, a cold star, a baby bump, dreams and reality! I think this will be a CGI lite episode so for those who werenet impressed last week should be happy. Dont forget Confidential afterwards on BBC3!

Friday, 14 May 2010

New Series 5 episode titles

Two new titles from Series 5 have been released and its about time! Episode 10  is titled Vincent and the Doctor and Episode 11 written by Gareth Roberts is titled The Lodger. So there you go.....

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Amy's Choice Clips (3 in One Thanks to DWTV)

Amy's Choice Preview 15/5/10

Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith
Amy Pond - Karen Gillan
Rory Williams - Arthur Darvill
Dream Lord - Toby Jones
Mr Nainby - Nick Hobbs
Mrs Poggit - Audrey Ardington
Mrs Hamil - Joan Linder
It's been five years since Amy Pond last traveled with the Doctor, and when he lands in her garden again, on the eve of the birth of her first child, she finds herself facing a heartbreaking choice – one that will change her life for ever. 

Info and Rumours:
1. The 'Dream Lord' is rumoured to pretend to be the Doctor because of a shot of him inside the TARDIS wearing the Eleventh Doctor's costume in the trailer. 
2. It is rumoured that either the Ha'rik, the Timoreen or the Skarkish will appear (these names were mentioned by Moffat).
3. Amy's Aunt Sharon might appear. 
4. There will be a army of killer pensioners.
5. One of the realities are in the TARDIS drifting toward a cold star and the other in Leadworth but which is real?

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Did you know?

The Poem Girl who appeared in The Beast Below is a homage to the Test Card Girl, who appeared on a test card used on television in the UK usually while there was no on-air programming from 1967 to 1998.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Simon Nye talks Amy's Choice

Digital Spy have published a interview with Amy's Choice writer Simon Nye. You can read the full interview here on the new look site.

He gives us some information on the episode: 
"One of these realities is five years ahead, in which Amy is pregnant and settled down with Rory. She's torn between wondering which is the real reality and wondering which reality she wants; to carry on exploring the universe with The Doctor or a lovely settled existence in the future.In one of the realities they’re stuck in the TARDIS and drifting towards a cold, burning star.”"

He talks about the Dreamlord:
“The Dream Lord tortures The Doctor, in a rather cruel way, for his foibles and his weaknesses. He really probes away and needles him about his relationship with Amy and the history of his relationships with his companions – the fact that he always chooses a pretty young thing, rather than a middle aged bloke.” Hey I think hes forgotten about Wilfred Mott!

Another new look....

Yes ive decided to revamp the blog once again but i can assure this will be the last time! I think you will agree it looks better and a lot tidier. So keep visiting vote on the poll and enjoy :)

Monday, 10 May 2010

The Series 5 story Arc: The Vampires of Venice

 Less information than last week about the Cracks and The Pandorica but The Vampires Of Venice did give us some things to think about. Here is what we found out: ( See my last post about all we know so far here)

1. Rosanna tells The Doctor why they came to Earth and mentions the Cracks and the silence. Here is the dialogue when The doctor confronts Rosanna:

 Doctor: “Why are you here?”
Rosanna: “We ran from the silence.”
Doctor: “The silence?”
Rosanna: “There were cracks. Some were tiny, some were as big as the sky. Through some we saw worlds and people. And through others we saw silence…and the end of all things. We fled to an ocean like ours and the crack snap shut behind us. Saturnyne was lost.”

2. The Doctor turns off the Saturnyians Device and looks up to the sky were the rain has stopped.But look at the cloud. Is it a crack? Rosanna said some were as big as the sky...

3.Near the end Venice is bustling with activity but before entering the TARDIS  The Doctor notices everything has gone silent.The people who were around have vanished!

4.The Doctor walks into the TARDIS regardless and the camera zooms into the TARDIS keyhole. Is the keyhole a crack? Or a symbol of something else?

Flesh and Stone BARB Ratings

Final figures for Flesh and Stone  reveal that it was watched by a high  8.5m  million viewers.The episode was watched by 8.02  million on BBC One, and a  additional  0.476 million watched on BBC HD. The overnights for the episode were 6.9 million and you can see there is a staggering increase.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Vampires of Venice Review ***** (5 Stars)

 Best bit: The Doctor jumping out of the cake and the fight between Rory and Fracesco.
Worst bit: The fact that it ended!
Best Character: Rory. I have really warmed too him.
Line of the episode: The Doctor: Which reminds me, there's a girl standing outside in a bikini, can somebody let her in and give her a jumper? Lucy. Lovely girl. Diabetic ...

This story has to be the best of the series so far. I gave my highest rating to Flesh and Stone last week which was a 5. But after watching this episode I think this was ten times better! The comedy, the action, the monsters, the setting I cant think how they could have made it better although the CGI  bothered some I liked it.I think that pre titles sequence has to be the best yet with the creepiness of the Vamps and the hilarity of The Doctor crashing Rory's stag do. Speaking of Rory I really warmed to him in this episode. I thought he was just another Mickey Smith (who was brilliant!) but he actually stands up to The Doctor and can see the affect he has had on his fiancee. Now onto the Vampires and of course theres more to them than meets the eye. Turns out there fish creatures-only in Doctor Who! It was another "Our homeplanet has been destroyed..." type story which has been done a hundred times before but it felt very new and fresh. Now i'm going to say something thats a bit controversial and that is Steven Moffat isnt that good! Anyone could have written The Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below they both felt very RTD.  The Time of Angels/ Flesh and Stone were Stevens high point and he should stick too two part storys in my opinion. His adventures are too ambitious for 45 minuite episodes and you can see in this episode that Toby Whithouse has managed to get a well rounded romp into 45 minuites. There was plenty of humour,  Rory calling the Vampires Mother ugly, the small torch that Rory had and the big lightsaber type thing The Doctor unleashed and the hand over mouth scene. The last part of the episode is strange with mention of the silence but all will become clear. Overall a great episode until next week Ciao!

The Vampires of Venice Overnight ratings

Overnight figures show that last nights episode The Vampires of Venice was watched by 6.2 million  6.15 million tuned in on BBC One and  0.24 million watched on BBC HD. Once again Britain's Got talent on ITV1 was the most watcheed show of the night.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Amy's Choice Next Time

The Vampires of Venice Tonight!

After last weeks monster two part adventure its nice to get back to the single episode story's and who better to write one than Toby Whithouse creator of supernatural drama Being Human. Toby's speciality is Vampires so that's exactly what were getting tonight and lots of 'em! At 6:00pm on BBC1 you can see Venice (well Croatia), water, fangs, a stag party, kissing,  a library card, fish and a electrocution! Tune in to Confidential afterwards on BBC3. Its going to be a fang-tastic night (I know that pun is hardly original!).

Friday, 7 May 2010

Did you know?

The ailment that the Duke of Manhattan was dying from , Petrifold Regression is a diesease that turns its victims to stone.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Doctor Who Election Party's

So its the election night tonight and Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg and David Cameron are all contending for that place in No 10. But forget those boring party's and imagine a Doctor Who election....

 The Cyberman Party
1.All voters will receive a free upgrade. All non voters will receive a free upgrade.
2. There will be no need for education, health care or work as Cybermen have no need for these things.

The Slitheen Party
1.We will help the economy by turning the Earth into a huge nuclear reactor pile and sell its remains off as star ship fuel.This will destroy your planet but on the bright side we will be in the money!
2.We will help the environment by planting Racweed a plant native to our planet Raxacoricofallapatorius. 

The Judoon Party
1. We will crack down on crime. Justice is swift!
2. Every being in Britain will be catalogued.Except Cats. Judoon do not like Cats.

Who would you vote for?

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Series 5 Story arc: What we know so far....

 Every series of New Who has had a story arc of some kind and this one is no different. Series 1 had Bad Wolf, Series Two had Torchwood, Series Three had Mr saxon and Series Four had The Darkness/Ood Prophecy. Series Five's Arc has been puzzling Whovians across the world heres a episode by episode account of what we know so far....

Episode One-The Eleventh Hour
1.The First Crack is seen on Young Amy Ponds wall  and on the other side is a Atraxi Jail.

2.A shadowy figure sweeps past when The Doctor leaves Young Amy Pond and the camera goes back into the house. (Not shown in this pic although I will try and find one)
3.The Pandorica is mentioned by Prisoner Zero "The Pandorica will open. Silence will fall."

 4.There are no ducks in the duck pond in the village of Leadworth.

5.A crack appears on the TARDIS monitor screen.

Episode Two-The Beast Below
 1.Another crack can be seen at the end of the story, on the side of Starship UK.

Episode Three- Victory of the Daleks
1.A crack is seen on a wall in the Cabinet War rooms 1941 after the TARDIS dematerializes.

 2.Amy does not remember the Daleks from the previous invasion over London or the Medusa Cascade incident which seems strange to The Doctor.

 Episode Four- The Time Of Angels
 1.Amy is targeted by The Angel which may have something to do with the theme of the cracks following her and the Angel gets into her eye which may have a other affects later on.

 Episode Five- Flesh and Stone
 1. There is another crack in the wall on the Byzantium ship. After investigating, The Doctor concludes that these  are cracks is the end of the universe. We learn the crack will erase everything from time so that it never existed in the first place. The Doctor speculates that this is why nobody remembered the Cyber-King in Victorian London  and explains why Amy has forgotten about the Daleks.

 2.There appears to be two doctors one from the present and one from the future. There is a scene where the Doctor without his Jacket leaves a blinded Amy in the woods. Seconds later the Doctor suddenly reappears and speaks to Amy , but this time he has his tweed jacket on, even though the Angels took it. So could this be a Doctor from the future? Here is the dialogue when The Doctor reappears:

Doctor: “Amy, I need you to start trusting me. It’s important.”
Amy: “But you don’t always tell me the truth.”
Doctor: “If I always told you the truth, I wouldn’t need you to trust me.”
Amy: “Doctor, the crack in my wall. How can it be here?”
Doctor: “I don’t know yet but I’m working it out…Remember what I told you when you were seven?”
Amy: “What did you tell me?”
Doctor: “No. That’s not the point…You have to remember…” 

3.The date 26/06/2010 is when “the date of the explosion where the crack begins”. At the end of the episode, Amy’s alarm clock changes over to reveal it is the same day of her wedding.S aturday 26th June 2010 is the broadcast date of the last episode of Series 5 if there is not a gap because of Eurovision.

4.River Song has been to jail for killing a man "A very good man…the best man i’ve ever known.” Is this the Doctor?

Anything else you have spotted let me know dont be shy! I will continue to do this kind of post for the remainder of the series after every episode now so if you have missed something it will be on here. Its all very exciting!