Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Adventures of The Twelfth Doctor: Series 1 Part 1

Here it is your first two episode synopsises from the first series of The Adventures of the Twelfth Doctor! Each story will be split into two parts and theres a total of  4 adventures in the action packed series.The other two synopsises will be realsed shortly. The script series will begin soon so here is a taster of whats to come:

Episode 1: Early Retirement written by Mr Dalek
The Doctor has regenerated into a new man problem is he can't remember how or when it happened. He awakes in a elderly care home in Cardiff with no sign of the TARDIS or any idea's to how he arrived there, he must piece together what happened. But there's no time for that as he soon uncovers a deadly alien threat and must count on carer Nancy Ledley to help him put a stop to their crazy plot. What do they want with the old people? What do the aliens know that The Doctor dosent? And  strangest of all why are episodes of Countdown being played again and again?

Episode 2: Thin Air written by Mr Dalek
Two villages populate the planet Balone. High above the ground two giant platforms stand supported by two giant poles -seperate villages on each.Once a year the Villages become one when a bridge connects them and they meet. The Doctor and Nancy arrive on Platform 2 on Connection Day and go along with the villagers to meet the neighbours. But when they cross the village on Platform 1 is deserted. Everyone has completely vanished and suddenly The Doctor has a mystery to solve. If the village is deserted then who connected the bridge on Platform 1? The Doctor has to make a bragain with the enemy and whatever choice he makes Nancy will not survive.

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