Sunday, 16 May 2010

Amy's Choice review **** 1/2 (4 and a half stars)

 Best bit: The Dreamlord winding up The Doctor. Loved it!
Worst bit: All the kissing buisness.
Best Character: The Dreamlord was very good.
Line of the episode: The Doctor: You said everyone here lives to their nineties. There's something that doesn't make sense. Let's go and poke it with a stick. (And more but I liked this one)

A completely diffrent kind of episode bizzare and creepy something that Doctor Who hasnt tried in a while. I mean we had old aged pensioners with aliens in their mouths! The story was good and the fact that The Dreamlord was a dark side of The Doctor was a lovely twist and a nice conclusion for the viewer.I dont think its as good as last weeks episode because last week was like a classic episode of Doctor Who with nasty vampires and big action sequences. This weeks tale just didnt feel like Doctor Who for me. That said we had a brilliant performance from Toby Jones as The Dreamlord and I really wanted him to become like a new Master type character and I think its a shame he probibly wont be back . The Doctor was on top form too. A complaint of mine is the love story between Rory and Amy. Im sick of all the kissing and Im pretty tierd of Rory even though I warmed to him last week. I still dont know what he's doing in The TARDIS. And another thing why are the aliens taking human form all the time? Prisoner Zero and The Ecnodeen (the mouth thing in this episode) and the Vampires all hide inside humans and pop out of the mouth of their hosts. What is it with the mouths! At the moment im really excited about The Cybermen and Silurians because there blatant nasties not hiding away in disguise. This review seems pretty negative I know so ill list the things I loved about this episode to end on a positive note. I loved The Dreamlord, the frozen TARDIS, the ponchos, Miss Poggit falling off the roof and Rory getting incinerated  ok a bit mean but seriously why is he here answers on a postcard please.Until next time stay away from old people!

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