Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Vampires of Venice Review ***** (5 Stars)

 Best bit: The Doctor jumping out of the cake and the fight between Rory and Fracesco.
Worst bit: The fact that it ended!
Best Character: Rory. I have really warmed too him.
Line of the episode: The Doctor: Which reminds me, there's a girl standing outside in a bikini, can somebody let her in and give her a jumper? Lucy. Lovely girl. Diabetic ...

This story has to be the best of the series so far. I gave my highest rating to Flesh and Stone last week which was a 5. But after watching this episode I think this was ten times better! The comedy, the action, the monsters, the setting I cant think how they could have made it better although the CGI  bothered some I liked it.I think that pre titles sequence has to be the best yet with the creepiness of the Vamps and the hilarity of The Doctor crashing Rory's stag do. Speaking of Rory I really warmed to him in this episode. I thought he was just another Mickey Smith (who was brilliant!) but he actually stands up to The Doctor and can see the affect he has had on his fiancee. Now onto the Vampires and of course theres more to them than meets the eye. Turns out there fish creatures-only in Doctor Who! It was another "Our homeplanet has been destroyed..." type story which has been done a hundred times before but it felt very new and fresh. Now i'm going to say something thats a bit controversial and that is Steven Moffat isnt that good! Anyone could have written The Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below they both felt very RTD.  The Time of Angels/ Flesh and Stone were Stevens high point and he should stick too two part storys in my opinion. His adventures are too ambitious for 45 minuite episodes and you can see in this episode that Toby Whithouse has managed to get a well rounded romp into 45 minuites. There was plenty of humour,  Rory calling the Vampires Mother ugly, the small torch that Rory had and the big lightsaber type thing The Doctor unleashed and the hand over mouth scene. The last part of the episode is strange with mention of the silence but all will become clear. Overall a great episode until next week Ciao!


Blink said...

Great interview - I think that Steven Moffat hasn't been AS good this series, but he's still produced better stories than RTD.

The main let down so far this series for me is that there haven't been any iconic NEW monsters.

Prisoner Zero - CGI was poor!

Smilers - Copy of the clockwork men from series 2!

Daleks - Done to death!

Weeping Angels - Great but not new!

Vampires - Creepy but not original, and CGI was also poor!

Mr Dalek said...

Yeah the monsters havent been great :( The smilers could have been so much better but that said i did like prisoner zero! Thanks for the comment

Joanne Casey said...

More of his one-liners. Even some two and three-liners :-)

Mr Dalek said...

Laughs and scares! Thats what makes a perfect episode :)