Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Simon Nye talks Amy's Choice

Digital Spy have published a interview with Amy's Choice writer Simon Nye. You can read the full interview here on the new look site.

He gives us some information on the episode: 
"One of these realities is five years ahead, in which Amy is pregnant and settled down with Rory. She's torn between wondering which is the real reality and wondering which reality she wants; to carry on exploring the universe with The Doctor or a lovely settled existence in the future.In one of the realities they’re stuck in the TARDIS and drifting towards a cold, burning star.”"

He talks about the Dreamlord:
“The Dream Lord tortures The Doctor, in a rather cruel way, for his foibles and his weaknesses. He really probes away and needles him about his relationship with Amy and the history of his relationships with his companions – the fact that he always chooses a pretty young thing, rather than a middle aged bloke.” Hey I think hes forgotten about Wilfred Mott!

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