Sunday, 2 May 2010

100th Post!

Crack open the Tesco value champagne and wolf down the cheese and pinapple on sticks as we celebrate The Doctor Who News Page's 100th Post! The blog started up on the 22 March 2010 and since then its been non stop with all the new series news. The blog has had 3497 views since the 28th of March 2010 and now has 25 followers. I prefer to have a quiet blog with a few regulars as its easier to chat and get to know my fellow bloggers. Speaking of which  a special thanks too:
Blink from Doctor Who-Blink
Joanne Casey from I'm Doctor Who
Gallifrey News Base
The Doctor Who Site
David Tennant for turning Doctor Who into the greatest show
 The BBC
The whole of the Doctor who production team since its revival!

Right I think thats everyone and if your not on the list then I dont like you. Not really these are people that visit most days or people who I use for info like Whoviannet. Heres too another 100 although there wont be any special post like this probibly ( Cant be botherd to link you all!).


Patar said...

gratzzz!!! partay time! :D

Joanne Casey said...

Congrats! here's to many more posts, bottoms up, chin chin!

Mr Dalek said...

Thanks guys!