Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Guide: Smilers

Name: Smilers
Type: Androids
Created by: Starship UK
Appearances: DW The Beast Below

The Smilers were androids that worked aboard Starship UK. There main purpose was to take action if a citizen broke the law or was deemed unnecessary. The Smilers rotated their heads to show three faces: happy, angry (for warnings), and malevolent (when attacking).The Smilers were mounted in booths but in extreme cases they would leave the booths and attack.The population kept their booths clean and never dared get too close to them

1. It is unclear what happened to them after The Doctor and Amy stopped the torturing of the Star whale that powered the ship.
2.Aboard Starship UK, Winders who were cyborgs of half-human and half-Smiler policed the ship.

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