Sunday, 23 May 2010

Cold Blood Overnight Ratings

Overnight figures show that last nights episode The Hungry Earth was watched by 4.5 million viewers. 4.24 million tuned in on BBC One and 0.30 million watched on BBC HD.These arnet great viewing figures for Doctor Who and the lowest of the revived series so far but these are only overnight figures. The lowest viewing figures for a revived episode is 6.2 million which The Satan Pit got in 2006. The weather is most definately to blame as people of Britain flocked outside to enjoy the rare nice weather like they did  that day in 2006 when The Satan Pit was on. Final figures will be available next Monday.


VORTEX said...

it is a real shame - if you did not watch it you have missed a classic episode - loved all the Pertwee style ideas that they included - production and special effects did a great job here - can't wait til next week
Enjoying Matt Smith's camp Tommy Cooper style Doctor - he so reminds me of Troughton sometimes

Mr Dalek said...

Yes theres a bit of Troughton in him! I loved it and its a very strong first part and im sure the second will be better. Theres always BBC i player for people to catch up and repeats on BBC3. Thanks for the comment :D

Blink said...

Yeah, it was such a good episode. It seems the better the episode is, the less people watch it!

I suppose you can't blame people for wanting to enjoy the weather - at least it's on at 7:00 next week, so it should be cooler by that time.


Mr Dalek said...

Do you think lots of people wont bother watching next week as its the second part and theyve missed the first? Theres always iplayer i guess :D thanks for the comment