Sunday, 2 May 2010

Flesh and Stone Review ***** (5 stars)

 Best bit: The Angels starting to move almost getting Amy.
Worst bit: The whole kiss scene!
Best Character: Father Octavian. Why did he have to go!
Line of the episode: The Doctor:  The Pandorica, ha! That's a fairytale.

Last week I gave the first part of this story 3 stars because I dont like to review half a story I couldnt give it a 5. Now ive seen both parts its getting that 5! From the off we were straight into the action with Angels everywhere chasing the gang through the Byzantium and then through the beautifully creepy forest vault. Its great to have lots of Angels after last weeks lone Angel and they gave me serious chills. Is it just me or was Angel Bobs voice very freaky! I think that was the scariest part for me that his inoccent voice became so menacing. The Doctor addressed those obvious cracks and it turns out its nothing major. Well the end of the universe where past and presant will collide if you count that as major.Some didnt like the fact that we saw The Angels move but I liked it. You cant just keep a returning creature the same as the last time it appeared otherwise there would be no point bringing them back.River was underused i think in this episode. Hardly no spoilers except the killing a man and another Pandorica mention. The conclusion was both dazzling and satisfying using The Angels to seal the crack leaves it open for them to return maybe? Now onto that kiss Im not complaining because it was bit over the top and it is a family show (although that is true) but im complaining because there was no need for it and Amy seems like a bit of a tart now. Blink (A fellow blogger) has said that its part of a bigger plot so we shall wait and see and ill eat my words if there is a good explaination for it. Overall a 5 star story handled perfectly. My fave Moff episode and my fave of the series.Until next week dont feed the any ducks! (I dont know I needed to mention the duck pond somewhere!)


Joanne Casey said...

Do you watch Doctor Who Confidential? The behind the scenes clips with the Angels hanging about made me laugh :-)

Mr Dalek said...

I havent watched it yet its on my sky planner!I did a cartoon strip about the angels dancing in confidential though

Joanne Casey said...

hah! must have missed that, good un!