Monday, 24 May 2010

The Hungry Earth Review **** (4 stars)

 Best bit: The nice Welsh community and of course The Silurains!
Worst bit: Meera Syal wasnt as good as I was expecting.
Best Character: The Doctor.I feel like Matt is The Doctor now.
Line of the episode: The Doctor: OI! DON'T DISS THE SONIC!

The Silurians are back! Saturday saw the return of the reptilian meanies in the first part of the two part adventure. I think this episode does a better job of setting up a proper story than The Time of Angels  did for the Weeping Angels two parter as we get a good look at the creatures and we know what they want but also not giving too much away like why have they captured the humans? Theres plenty of interseting tidbits too like why Amy and Rory have gone back in time to see themselves this must have some significance and wondering who will kill Alaya the Silurian.The Silurian desgin looks better than I first thought and you can see the detail gone into each prosthetic mask giving the actor/actress the chance to show facial features under all that rubber. Some have seen parallels with classic series episodes like Third Doctor Adventure Inferno which featured a drilling project and the another Third Doctor story which featured Silurains Doctor Who and the Silurians but I suppose its ok to draw inspiration from the past.As i mentioned above I have really warmed to the Eleventh  Doctor and his frantic speech is always a highlight "Oh look, a big mining thing. Oh, I love a big mining thing... see? Way better than Rio, Rio doesn't have a big mining thing." The guest cast were rather good especially the young boy Elliot played by Samuel Davies.I was expecting more from Meera Syal I mean shes alright but not exactly brilliant maybe she will have more to do in the next part. Overall a good first part but the next part will need to pick up the pace a bit for a thrilling adventure! Until next time Hwyl Fawr (When in Wales!)


VORTEX said...

yes i agree it was a very enjoyable episode and it was very nostalgic
i like matt smith's dr who as well
looking forward to the next episode -
overall the ratings have been low - i heard the Beeb were not to happy with the team and may change the Doctor or production management if they do not pick up

Mr Dalek said...

Maybe the bbc should change the time to 7:00 or 7:30 They have no idea do they people were out in the nice weather! A great episode though thanks for the comment