Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Eleventh Hour Tonight

 So as if you needed reminding the new series starts tonight! Im so glad i can stop going on about how close it is because its actually here! Im also kind of glad those trailers wont be on anymore. There like those Christmas BBC One idents with David Tennant riding the Tardis there getting a bit annoying! So anyway tune in BBC1 6:20pm for The Eleventh Hour were you will see Atraxi, Children, Leadworth, Doors, Duck ponds, Short Skirts (Woop) and of course our new Doctor! Here are five steps to total enjoyment!

1.Get anyone that may be noisy or start talking out of the room!
2. Make sure you dont need to get up for the next 63 minuites!
3. Un plug the phone and ignore the door! (Ok dont unplug the phone unless you parents approve!)
4. Make sure your sofa is ready for you to leap behind! This is a Moffat story you have been warned.
5.Get back on this blog for discussion on our new episode!

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