Saturday, 17 April 2010

This dosent happen to The Doctor!

Ive been trying to get my hands on a Series 5 Sonic Screwdriver for two weeks now to go with my Series 5 Crash set. While browesing the online stores i found out that the people who are lucky enough to get one are having problems with them. On Amazon UK the popular online shopping store a few reviewers have encountered problems with the sound amongst other things. 

One reviewer said:
This a great toy/replica and the sliding machanism seems very sturdy (which I wasn't expecting). However, only after having it two days the sound has stopped working - it literally stopped "mid-buzz". A change of batteries has not fixed it either. Looks like there is a real flaw with the electronics.....

Another wrote: 
Had 3 of these in the space of 24 hours and each one had, or quickly developed, a fault. Either the light packs in, the sound goes or both give up. Because the batteries supplied are for demo, people seem to think it is a battery fault - it is not! Changing the batteries makes no difference. 

Though one person hasnt encountered any problems yet:
I've seen your reviews and seen that there are loads of faults for your sonic screwdrivers so far ive had no problems at all apart from getting the batteries in that was a nightmare but it sounds works perfectly

 Maybe there might just be a problem with this batch being sold on Amazon although some have had little problems on My advice wait a little or buy them in a shop so they are easily returnable.Have you had any problems let me know and ill post your problem :)

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