Thursday, 29 April 2010

Knocked up!

In the seventh episode of the series Amy's Choice Amy is set to get pregnant! This happens five years  into the future from when the Doctor and Amy started on their travels in the Tardis so quite a bit has changed you can assume. Rory's even got a ponytail (thats just wrong)! But whos the daddy is it Rory or a alien like the Nostrovite in Torchwood's Something Borrowed. I read somewhere it may even be The Doctors! I hope not i think that would ruin the character of The Doctor for me. The enemy for the story is supposed to be The Dream Lord so is it all a dream?.... That would be the worst ending to a story if it is!


Dalek1099 said...

The story is about two worlds one fake one real one of them their is a village in the other the doctor and his companions are in the tardis and it is going to crash into a star in 14 minutes they have to choose which one is real and the dreamlord is trying to trick them and make them make the wrong choice and he is the one who is making the other fake world

Mr Dalek said...

thanks for the info XD