Monday, 5 April 2010

Why are we waiting?

 So we have Doctor Who back on our screens and Sarah Jane and the gang will be back for at least two series of The Sarah Jane Adventures but why are we waiting for confirmation on Torchwood? Last year in July Torchwood Children of Earth was shown over five consecutive nights on BBC One to good reviews and high viewing figures peaking at 6.2 milion viewers! Since then we havent herad anything about the new series only a few whispers here and there.  John Barrowman claimed that he knows nothing about the future of  Torchwood.In a  interview with Digital Spy, the singer-actor said that he would love to do another series, but is unsure if it will go ahead.A ray of hope comes from  Russell T. Davies saying that a fourth series of  Torchwood is in the works and is hoping to get started on the new run in January 2010. That was RTD speaking last year and we still havent heard anything from the BBC officialy. So the future of Torchwood looks unsure lets hope its not the last we've seen of Jack, Ianto (oh no hes dead), Toshiko (oh and her), Owen (him too) and Gwen.

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