Friday, 9 April 2010

The Time Of Angels Preview 24/4/10

The Doctor - Matt Smith
Amy Pond - Karen Gillan
Rory Williams - Arthur Darvill
River Song - Alex Kingston
Jessica Paige - Louisa Lytton 
Christian - Mark Springer 
Alistair - Simon Dutton
Father Octavian - Iain Glen
Cleric Christian - Mark Springer
Cleric Angelo - Troy Glasgow
Cleric Bob - David Atkins
Cleric Pedro - Mark Monero
Cleric Marco - Darren Morfitt
Cleric Phillip - George Russo
Weeping Angel - Marie McGonigle 
Weeping Angel - Caroline Royce 
Secruirity Guard - Mike Skinner  

The Doctor is recruited by Father Octavian to track the last of the Angels through the terrifying Maze Of The Dead. Meanwhile, the mysterious River Song re-enters the Doctor's life – but can he trust her?

Info and Rumours:
1.Steven Moffat stated in a TalkTalk interview that his son - while watching the episode - said 15 minutes through the episode: "Dad, that is the single most scariest thing I've ever seen in my life!"
2.One of the things Moffat mentioned was "the Doctor's mistake in the maze of the dead"
3.People have said that Sally Sparrow from the episode Blink will make a come-back, but this has not yet been revealed
4.Something very bad will happen to Amy Pond concerning her not blinking!
5. There may be diffrent types of Weeping Angels.
6.The Doctor may use a gun in this episode.


Blink said...

You're right, the Doctor does use a gun in this episode.

The trailer showed another long shot of him holding a gun, with River Song and the army standing behind him.

Who said...

its either this episode or flesh and stone :D i dont think he will be shooting a person the doc would never do that

Joanne Casey said...

I think if this entire series was available now, I'd watch in a day.

Who said...

I would love to but then you cant beat that feeling you get every saturday night!