Thursday, 15 April 2010

How many lives does a Timelord have?

 Its a question we have all wanted to know the answer too and we might just get one this series.It was thought to be 12 lives but we dont actually know for sure.

Speaking to Sci fi site Newsarama Moffats says:
 “It’s been addressed in a very, very cheeky way by an old friend of mine and I’m not going to tell you any more about that, wait and see.”

Also Matt Smith had this to say about the series Arc:
Smith told the crowd it’s seen in the very first episode. “Albeit, not in the most conventional form. You’re going to have to think about it and find out what it is, but it’s in there,” he said. “And that’s the one, that’s what takes us through the whole series and my god, it’s bad.”

Lets hope this isnt all the same waffle Russel T Davies gave us during his era hyping it up and  turning out to be not that good in the end. Im sure it will be brilliant!  Thanks to Whoviannet for alerting me to this :) The whole interview thingy is here.


Joanne Casey said...

Got this from wiki...

It was first stated in The Deadly Assassin[34] that a Time Lord can regenerate twelve times before dying (thirteen incarnations in all). There were exceptions to this rule, however: when the Master reached the end of his regenerative cycle, he took possession of the body of another person to continue living. The Master was also offered a new cycle of regenerations by the High Council to save the Doctor from the Death Zone, which may indicate that there are methods to circumvent the 12 regeneration limit. The Master says in "The Sound of Drums" that the Time Lords "resurrected" him to fight in the Time War, which appears to support this. It was revealed in "The Brain of Morbius" that the Time Lords also use the Elixir of Life in extreme cases, where regeneration is not possible. This may be the reason for additional regeneration cycles being granted.

Who said...

Interseting :) I wonder if The Master could regenerate again? Lets hope the Doc is with us for a while