Sunday, 25 April 2010

Norton returns! *Update*

 It was tense, dark and scary and the cliffhanger was building up. But then a cartoon irish talent show host and comedian Graham Norton popped telling us Over the rainbow a "talent" show hosted by him is up next! On twitter the legendary Charlie Brooker wrote:

"Why don’t the BBC just wipe s*** all over the screen during the final scene of Dr. Who next week? I hope Moffat is bellowing down a phone to someone right now."

"I hope they trail the news with an animated George Alagiah in the final scene of Over the Rainbow."

Norton first intruded on Doctor who during the episode Rose when crossed wires resulted in a audio feed of his BBC Three programme being transmitted across the first episode of the relaunched Doctor Who series. I have to say i didnt notice it! It either didnt come up in Wales or I was too immersed in the drama. I do remember him interupting Rose though.You could complain to the BBC or contact Points Of View were lots of angry people like to complain.

*Update* The BBC have apologised and issued this statement:
The BBC often promotes programmes in this way but the corporation has acknowledged that in this case the scheduling was inappropriate. A BBC spokesman said: "We apologise for the timing of Saturday night's trail."
 Do we forgive them now? 


Blink said...

I was also annoyed by it, as it was building up to such a dramatic conclusion.

I felt it ruined any tension in that scene, and it was a brilliant scene!

Mr Dalek said...

It didnt come up in wales but i can see how i would be annoying! thanks for the comment