Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Eleventh Hour Review ***** (Five stars)

Best Bit: Amy Ponds legs! Oh best bit of the episode.. ah.....FISH CUSTARD!
Worst Bit: I liked it all really i genuinely cant think of anything!
Best Character: Prisoner Zero for me he looked so slimy yet kind of cute. 
Line Of The Episode: The Doctor: Amy Pond, there's something you better understand about me, 'cause it's important and one day your life may depend on it. I am definitely a madman with a box!

Last night we got our first new adventure in months and was it worth the wait? Well simply yes it was. Fun, exciting, spooky and sleek are all words that i would use to describe that brilliat debut for Matt Smith our Eleventh Doctor. The story to start was back to classic Who the Doctor saving the world and joining forces with peole he has met. Last years specials focused on David Tennants departure and had a bleak tone to the episodes but now thats over its about time we had some fun. The monsters were pretty good the Face tendril and Atraxi. The effects didnt look as good as they usually do and disguising them as humans always cuts the budget but who cares they were new and exciting like every thing else! Of course the arc begins in this episode "silence will fall" a bit like the darkness in Series 4 when it meant Davros and The Daleks coming back. Now onto the performances and Matt and Karen.... Fantastic! Matt excelled in the role playing a scene for  laughs if needed or a sense of fear if needed and his mad attitude is reminicent of our previous Doctor turned up a 100! Ive almost forgotten about the new titles and guess what i love them too! The music isnt as dynamic as it used to be but it will grow on me im sure. At the end we get a look at the new Tardis which will take us to the far future and back in time  and  a look at Amy's wedding dress! So a Doctor Who wedding it cant be worse than a Torchwood one! I dont think by far this is the best episode of the series i think there is better to come! Until next week ummm i need a catchphrase! Ill think of one by next week tra.


Vortex said...

Matt and Karen were fantastic! I hope we have another Whoniverse wedding - they never go to plan (except Donna's second)!

There is only one word to describe that episode - MAD!!!!!

Great review! :)

Who said...

Thanks yes Gwen's wedding in Torchwood was fun so why not have another doctor who one!