Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Sarah Jane Series 4 news

Some new information has emerged about the next series of the Sarah Jane Adventures starting this Autumn on BBC One from the popular Sci-Fi mag SFX.

 There will be a new member joining the gang and possibly one leaving! If you have seen pictures from filming recentley then it might give you a clue.Sarah Jane and her gang will encounter new enemies, such as the Nightmare Man and the Shansheeth. Returning aliens will include Androvax from Prisoner of the Judoon  and the Slitheen/Blathereen, who will  have a smaller role to play this series (Thank God!). There'll also be a 'classic' Who character coming onto the show.Maybe The Fourth Doctor Tom Baker as some have rumoured? The Brigadier? For the first time in the series, the group will visit an alien world and the group will embark on a "dangerous journey back into history".Wilson concludes hinting to the possibility of Matt Smith meeting the SJA gang one day. I would love to see Sarah getting to grips with a new Doctor all over again. 

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