Sunday, 18 April 2010

Victory of The Daleks Review *** 1/2 (3 and a Half Stars)

Best bit: The Daleks pretending to be all nice.Just brilliant!
Worst bit: Not seeing the new Daleks in action much.
Best Character: Winston Churchill .Oh yes!
Line of the episode: Amy: Oi! Churchill! Tardis keys. The ones you just took from the Doctor.
After last weeks episode that left some feeling as though they had Deja-Vu last nights episode brought us something completely new! New Daleks, new writer (for this series) and a original plot. So the Story was geared up to introduce new primary colour Daleks that some may like others dont. I actually really like them just give them time to grow on you. I felt as though the last 15 minuites could have been used a bit better instead of them being padded out with Bracewell getting de-activated and a little more air time for the daleks was needed. This is forgiven  because of the presence of the fabulous Winston Churchill played by Ian Mcneice. Him and Matt had a good on screen friendship and its fun to think of The Doctor and Winston meeting in the past. This is easily the best Dalek episode since Doomsday and the best of the series so far. Amy once again steps in and saves everyone and another scottish mention or person ( ok scotland is great already!) needs to be changed a bit to keep the plots fresh though the scottish thing is just me being nitpicky. Another crack sighting and how come Amy dosent know about the Daleks? She couldnt have missed them surely.Until next week Keep Buggering on! Can you say bugger at teatime?

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Vortex said...

I was really blown away by this episode after last week's wash out!

Personally, I would have given it 5 stars, but we all have our own opinion! And for me, the best line of the episode is "Don't mess with me, sweetheart." LOL!

I've not got a bad word to say about it! Mad, brilliant, funny, phenomenal!

"Keep buggering on." - ONLY Winston Churchill can say that.

Great review. :)